Why Seattleites don't need umbrellas: Day-long "drizzle storm" hardly dents rain gauge

A drizzly morning in Seattle.

It's not exactly historic, but Seattleites can tell their kids about the magical time when it nearly literally rained all day...and no one got wet.

Or, at least, noticeably wet.

In the 24 hour period from midnight to midnight Monday, it rained for all but three of them at Sea-Tac Airport as the clouds hung draped over the city.

Total rain accumulation for those 21 hours of rain?

0.09 inches.

UW Atmospheric Sciences graduate student Joe Zagrodnik points out that if it were to rain at that rate for an entire year, Seattle would accumulate 32.85 inches of rain -- hey, wait a minute, that's actually within shouting distance of our annual average of 37.5"! (But I suspect there'd be hardly anyone left in the city to notice if it rained 21 hours every day besides the die-hard rain fans. It'd sure solve the Mercer Mess!)

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It's a classic example of how it rains often in Seattle, but doesn't typically rain that hard.

Some of the other rainy-but-not-RAINY-stats nestled in there:

* During a 6 hour period late Monday evening, it rained non-stop, but failed to accumulate enough to measure in the rain gauge at any point.

* The drizzle storm actually started Sunday evening at 8 p.m. And those 4 hours before midnight managed all of 0.02 inches.

* It continued into Tuesday morning but actually graduated to bit more emphatic of a rainfall. Seattle managed 0.06" of rain just in the 1 a.m. hour -- nearly as much as the previous 21 hours of rain combined!

* Mist continued at times until about 7 a.m. when it finally stopped. Total additional accumulation: 0.02 inches.

Total combined rainfall from Sunday morning through Tuesday morning? 33 hours of rain out of 48 hours observed netted 0.21 inches -- of which 0.06 inches fell in that one hour.

"Umbrellas are not necessary," Zagrodnik said.

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