When does spring officially begin this year? We're not sure...

Spring begins to take shape in Woodinville, Wash. (Photo: JB Hawkins Photography)

If you're one who revels in celebrating the minute spring officially begins (and frankly, after this winter, I wouldn't blame you), I think I have some good news this year:

Your celebration gets to be twice as long(?)

(The only caveat: You're getting up in the middle of the night.)

One of the more common questions we get as the seasons change is when is the exact moment of the passing of the torch.

We're 100% sure it's on Monday, March 20. But this spring, the internet doesn't seem to be exactly sure what time.

Google "When is spring equinox in 2017" and you get the answer of 3:28 a.m.

But heading to the U.S. Naval Observatory site, and you find the time listed at 10:29 a.m UTC time -- which is 3:29 a.m. Seattle time -- a minute later than Google!

Several other astronomy-related sites, like EarthSky, The Farmer's Almanac, and even InfoPlease list the start time as 3:29 here in Seattle, but, whose site boasts "World Time Starts Here", is also running with 3:28 a.m.

Even more confusing? The official list on the National Weather Service site -- which I'm going to guess is Google's source -- lists the time as 3:28 a.m.

It cites the U.S. Naval Observatory -- you know, the site that said 3:29.

So, I'd say enjoy 2 full minutes of celebrating the start of spring, and somewhere in there, the planet will actually hit its equinox and start the march toward summer solstice.

Or...just sleep in those two extra minutes and celebrate at breakfast.

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