Smoke layer hanging around region makes for pseudo 'cloud eclipse'

Photo: Greg Johnson

The skies are back to being a bit unusual this week as some wildfire smoke has returned to Western Washington. But aside from the haze, it made for some rather spooky looking clouds.

Greg Johnson of was having lunch in Port Hudson when he spied what appeared to be dark clouds in the sky (pictured above).

A wayward rain storm amid the blazing sun? Nope, just a harmless shadow -- or what I was jokingly calling a "cloud eclipse" (eclipses are still a popular thing, right?)

It appears the haze from the low level smoke layer was just enough of an easel for the sun to cast a shadow from the higher clouds floating around today -- note how the dark "clouds" seem to reasonably resemble the shape of the actual clouds above?

He had a second photo that seems to also illustrate this shadow effect -- note on the horizon the black splotches that appear to mimic the speckled clouds above:

Great shots, Greg!

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