12 days in a row with rain: Old hat for Seattle, but would be a record in New York

Another rainy day in Seattle on Jan. 26, 2018 (KOMO Image)

SEATTLE -- Friday is just another occasionally rainy day around Seattle, rather uneventful by our winter standards.

But did you know if you would have brought a life-long New Yorker (Yawker?) to Seattle over the past few weeks and they hang around this weekend, they'd be experiencing something never before done in the Big Apple?

Friday marks the 12th consecutive day with measurable rain in Seattle. Ho hum. But believe it or not, 12 days would match the all-time record for consecutive days with measurable rain in New York City, set for them in August of 2003.

So if anyone from back there pokes fun at our snow freakouts, they'd probably just be freaking out on a little 12-day rain streak. Then again, their record was set in the summer with a consistent thunderstorm pattern and they probably welcomed the relief. Three days after the streak ended, temperatures hit the 90s and the city had a blackout.

Our rain records happen in the fall and winter - as evidenced by the fact that this is actually the second 10-plus day rainy streak this month alone! Seattle went 10 days in a row with rain from Jan. 4-13th.

Seattle will easily reach days No. 13 and 14 over the weekend and frequent showers Monday and Tuesday should get the streak to 16 before we dry out a bit and the streak gets dicey. So if we get to Tuesday that would be 26 days in January with measurable rain. Normal is just 18 days. And just 6 months ago we had one rainy day over a three month period!

By the way, if you're wondering, a 16 day rain streak isn't even halfway to Seattle's record rain streak record, which is 33 set in 1953. In the state of Washington, the record is 55 days with rain set in Centralia in the winter of 1996-97.

In the Lower 48, Oregon holds the record for most consecutive wet days. From Dec. 7, 1997, through Feb. 23, 1998, Otis, Ore., on the central Pacific coast, recorded 79 straight days of rain. Can you imagine New York City under those circumstances?

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