What was that strange hole in the sky this morning over the South Sound?

The "Eye in the sky" over Buckley / Bonney Lake the mornng of Nov. 3, 2016. (Photo: John Omlor-Lynch)

A rather eerie sight was to be had across parts of the South Sound Thursday morning -- a perfect circular hole in the clouds. We all knew something crazy would happen when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, right?

Actually, it's just a sign of incoming air traffic into Seattle.

What you're seeing are called "Hole Punch" clouds -- essentially what happens when a plane either ascends or descends through a stable cloud layer and "punches" a hole in it as it does so.

Michael Rushton spotted one over Graham.

"Was perfectly round when first spotted. Dissipation took about 10 minutes," he said. "Saw other less perfect holes from same direction later, all coming away from (Mt. Rainier).

"Seen a lot of sky, have never seen that before."

Sometimes when the descent is a bit more gradual, you'll get a "fallstreak" cloud -- essentially the same thing, only the jet leaves a longer "rip-like" cloud.

They've happened around here before. Even one time in British Columbia, it managed to happen at sunrise for a spectacular scene!.

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