What to do when it's -3 in Spokane? Make your own snow shower

Staff at the National Weather Service office in Spokane toss boiling hot water into -3F weather on Feb. 21, 2018 (Photo: National Weather Service, Spokane)

Parts of Eastern Washington awoke Tuesday morning starting another day with temperatures below zero. What to do to "celebrate"? How about the time-honored arctic weather blast tradition of making your own snow?

The staff at the National Weather Service office in Spokane took a pot of boiling water and tossed it into the cold, dry air, making the boiling water turn instantly to snow.

The water has to be boiling and it has to be around or below zero (colder the better) with dew points well into negative temps for the process to work.

Mental Floss explains the process:

"Hot water evaporates more quickly than cold water since it’s already closer to the point of evaporation, so when it hits cold air in the form of tiny droplets of liquid, it just turns into snow and water vapor."

A word of warning though: Don't ever try this around the Seattle area -- we'll never be too cold for this to work and attempting this trick when conditions are not cold enough will just result in you tossing scalding hot water in the air. Even worse if you decide to toss the water into the wind. But somewhere below zero? A neat way to "celebrate."

NPR has a few other tricks to try should you find yourself somewhere that frigid. The frozen bubble trick we featured here in the blog on Monday, while the frozen slushie might need some colder locales.

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