Weather notes: Seattle rain streaks, Northern Lights, and can voting bring snow?

    Northern Lights appear over Whidbey Island on Nov. 4, 2018 (Photo: Eileen Burdick)

    SEATTLE -- Sure, November is still young but so far hasn't given weather geeks much to be excited about. Remember last year by now, it had snowed in Seattle -- the second earliest snow on record.

    This year, just some of the typical rains so far. Through Sunday, Seattle had received measurable rain on 11 consecutive days and still had a chance to notch No. 12 on Monday. As of 3 p.m., no rain had hit Sea-Tac Airport, but there were still plenty of showers out there that could change that.

    Seattle typical hits streaks of 10-plus days with measurable rain a few times each fall and winter, sometimes even 15 days or more. But it always reminds me that New York City's all-time record is 12 days in a row with rain (at Central Park). Can you imagine the angst?

    Forget the rain, what about snow?

    As mentioned, last year it had already snowed by now. The next 7 days look pretty dry with no snow in the forecast. Is this November about to be blanked instead of blanketed?

    Maybe there is some hope. Justin Shaw with the Seattle Weather Blog notes that Seattle has received measurable snowfall in each of the past three Novembers that featured a midterm election.

    All of those snows happened at the end of November so....maybe? Also of note, on the flip side, the on the last presidential election, we hit a record high of 70 degrees. Maybe odd years are the boring ones?

    Northern Lights sneak in an appearance

    A minor solar storm hit the planet over the weekend, and it was just enough to squeeze out a little taste of the Northern Lights around western Washington. Greg Johnson with caught a glimpse between the clouds from his HD web camera in Hansville, while Eileen Burdick also got a little sighting of green from Whidbey Island:

    The solar storm has since subsided. As have much of the regular storms around the Northwest -- after some lingering showers Tuesday we're expected to be dry for a week. But if we break with tradition, and it doesn't snow this November, you can always find some in the mountains -- like at Stevens Pass!

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