Watch: Time lapse video shows beauty of moonset shadow over Palouse Falls

    Photo: Matt Krzycki /

    Sunsets get all the press, but when the moon sets, it can put on a show of its own.

    Matt Krzycki has been enamored with the Palouse Falls for years. He noticed in 2014 that when the moon sets, it makes a distinct shadow so sharp that you can make out the trees over 100 yards away as their shadow craws up the side of the canyon, he wrote on his photography site's blog.

    He attempted a time lapse in 2015, but a dirty camera lens thwarted the photos. Lesson learned, he said.

    In 2016, he went back, only to have other photographers try to do night photos with light ("light painting") and was an unwanted intrusion on his video. He went back twice in the summer and early fall that year, only to have weather wash out his first attempt, and the moon being too far south in September to get the effect he wanted.

    So in 2017, he was determined to get his shot, and this time everything came together. He's finally got around to editing the video. Why did it take a year to process it?

    "I think, after trying and failing to get those shots so many times, (the photos) became a little too precious to me," Krzycki said. "If I had processed them and output a video right after shooting, I’d have included every wide and tight shot and every single angle, because they’re all beautiful. It would have been a feature length time lapse! I needed to get a little space from the footage in order to let some of it land on the cutting room floor."

    The final version is incredible as-is! (Also watch for the rainbow created for the mist by the moonlight!) Enjoy:

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