Watch: Storm chaser's dramatic summer-long pursuit of the Arizona monsoon season

Photo taken from Mike Olbinski's "Monsoon IV" video.

PHOENIX -- Noted Arizona storm chaser Mike Olbinski has a summer-time ritual: Grab some cameras, fuel up the car, and head out chasing the storms that mark the Desert Southwest monsoon season.

2017 was the fourth summer Olbinski has spent chasing the storms, and he just compiled and published this season's work in a dramatic video called "Monsoon IV".

Olbinski says he covered about 13,000 miles and chased as far west as Desert Center in California and as far east as Wilna, New Mexico. The video encompassed over 110,000 photos.

"I loved what I saw this year. It felt so unique," Olbinski wrote on his Vimeo page. "I found myself submerged in cacti and desert flora a few times with stunning light and structure."

Olbinski has made several amazing videos documenting the storms of the Southwest. You can find them on his main Vimeo page.

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