Watch: Thunderstorm's chaotic winds slam boaters on Arizona's Lake Powell

    Damage to a houseboat after a thunderstorm slams Arizona's Lake Powell (Photo: Burl Griswold)

    A day out on Arizona's Lake Powell turned into a harrowing adventure when a thunderstorm brought a sudden onslaught of rain and wind.

    Burl Griswold and Joseph Adams were out in Padre Bay on houseboats with several others last Tuesday as a thunderstorm let loose.

    "I've tried to describe to people what a microburst looks like out on the lake and most people can't believe it," Griswold wrote, "so here's a great example from Tuesday."

    (Video taken by Katie Eileen Weinberg and shared by Burl Griswold WARNING: Some explicit language on the video:)

    You can see the heavy rain being blown over the mountains amid blistering winds...and the chaos that ensues when the wind struck.

    Check out her story as she described the storm:

    Here is another view from Griswold's camera:

    And some of the damage:

    Luckily no one was injured.

    A microburst is caused by strong thunderstorms. The intense downdraft caused by a burst of heavy rain will hit the ground and then fan out in all directions -- sometimes with wind speeds of 70-100 mph! If you get a line of thunderstorms, it can become a "derecho" which can bring damaging winds across a miles-wide line of destruction.

    Griswold wanted to show the videos to highlight some of the weather conditions those around Lake Powell need to be mindful of, especially in the monsoon season.

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