Watch: Meteor explodes in the arctic, briefly turns night into day

A meteor spectacularly exploded over the arctic on Thursday, briefly turning night into day -- and it was all captured on camera.

Tony Bateman with Aurora Service Tours in Finland was just getting ready to head outside then the meteor lit up the sky, according to

"There was a huge bang and the cottage shook violently," he told Dr. Tony Phillips with "At first I thought it was an earthquake. Or maybe a tree fell on the cottage roof! I walked outside and inspected the trees. Everything looked okay."

It wasn't until he checked his webcam that he saw what happened -- a brilliant explosion!

"It gave me goosebumps to see the night sky turn blue as the meteor exploded," Bateman told Phillips. "Auroras and a fireball--what a night!"

Read more about the meteor and their typical frequency at

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