Drone video captures beauty of fog hugging Puget Sound shoreline

Aerial footage of fog draped along Hansville, Washington. (Photo: Greg Johnson, SkunkBayWeather.com)

For about 90% of the North Sound, it was sunny morning Tuesday. For the other 10 percent of you, sorry about the fog, but if it's any consolation, it sure made for some dramatic photos and videos!

Greg Johnson with SkunkBayWeather.com got some pretty cool aerial video of the fog has it hugged the trees and ground in Hansville, along Puget Sound and Skunk Bay.

The patchy fog formed from our clear night Monday night, allowing temperatures to cool to the dew point -- the temperature at which the air become saturated. Greg's weather station reported a dew point around 37 degrees, which briefly matched the low temperature Tuesday morning, making for some fog nearby.

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Being near water can help just add a touch more moisture the air, bumping up the dew point just a little and allowing the cooling nighttime air an easier time to saturate. If you look at the start of the video, you can see a little ripple on the water adjacent to the fog patch along the shoreline. The camera is facing west and winds were very light out of the north --likely just a little skiff of a breeze to bump the humidity a bit right along the water there to get fog to form.

It's when conditions are on the fringe of reaching saturation that the fog becomes so patchy. There were some spots in his area where the ground cooled juuust enough near the surface to be cool enough for fog, while the air just above the ground was still too warm, leaving the fog relegated to just a few dozen feet above the ground layer.

Note there wasn't much fog over Puget Sound -- the water temperatures are around 50 degrees, keeping the air near the surface too warm to saturate. As we get later into spring and into summer, that will change as the dew points warm with the seasons and soon, our coastal and inland water fogs will become more common.

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