WATCH: Bubbles freeze in real time as temps drop into the teens

    Bubbles freeze in Woodinville on Feb. 5, 2019. (Photo: Brie Hawkins / JB Hawkins Photogrpahy)

    When building a snowman has become old hat, there are some other ways to pass the time during an arctic blast.

    Brie Hawkins went out on a 15 degree morning near Woodinville earlier this week and filmed what happens when bubbles freeze in real time! Take a peek -- this is not time lapse:

    Brie uses a mixture of simple bubble solution with corn syrup and a little dish soap.

    "I just kind of mix it, there's not really a big ratio that I've used," she said. "I mix it unit it's a little bit thick, you don't want it super thick or else the bubbles don't blow very well."

    With frigid temps morning temps remaining in the forecast for the next several days, you can have plenty of opportunities to make your own frozen bubbles!

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