Watch: Astronaut captures stunning video of Northern Lights from space

    Screen photo from video showing Northern Light from space (Via Alexander Gerst / European Space Agency)

    Only in space 10 days and already treated to one spectacular Earth show!

    European Space Agency Astronaut Alexander Gerst captured this time lapse of the Northern Lights on board the International Space Station.

    "Shot during one of the Space Station’s 16 daily orbits, this 38 second time-lapse comprises 950 images taken at an interval of 0.5 seconds," according to the European Space Agency.

    But just before the northern lights appeared, the station made a pass over some thunderstorms!

    The ESA says Gerst often sets cameras to automatically take pictures at regular intervals while he carries out scientific experiments and work on board the Space Station.

    MORE | Alexander Gerst Facebook Page | ESA Facebook Page

    Gerst is just starting a six month mission on board the International Space Station, but he's no stranger to space. He already served a mission in 2014 and had a keen eye for recording northern lights and lighting displays. Here is a compilation of aurroa displays he put together from 2014:

    Gerst will take over as station commander in October. Hope he has enough time to keep those cameras recording!

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