Warmest May on record now 9th monthly record to be set in past 5 years

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Seattle is now 3/4ths the way to collecting the entire set...

This past May will go down as the warmest on record at Sea-Tac Airport, with an average temperature of just at 61 degrees, breaking the old record of 60.4 degrees set in 1958.

With that record, Seattle has now set its all-time warmest month by average temperature in nine of the 12 months on the calendar since our warm stretch began in 2013.

What's more, in two of the months that we haven't set the record (thanks the very hot late summer of 1967), recent years sit in second and third place (and fourth and fifth and sixth, if you count just August.)

Here is a chart showing the Top 5 warmest months by average temperature in Seattle and the year they were set. I've noted in bold/red the years since 2013.

January is about the only month that we haven't been in at least the Top 3 recently, although this past January ranks No. 6.

And as you might have heard, this May also tied for the driest on record at 0.12"! Impressive coming off the third-wettest April on record.

Eager to set another kind of record? Depending on how the summer goes, 2018 could end up being only the sixth time May ended up being the driest month of the year. 1992, 1947, 1972, 1995 and 1964 all share the distinction of having May be the driest month of the year. Certainly looks like it'll at least be drier than June!

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