Time lapse video shows off Seattle weather, city life

Photo: Don Jensen

Don Jensen, who has made some spectacular time lapse videos showcasing the weather around our local mountains, is at it again. Only this time, his latest project focuses squarely on Seattle.

"The city of Seattle is a very diverse city offering everything from industrial to artistic; crowded to vacant, the hustle and bustle of a large city mixed with quiet ocean side parks," Jensen wrote on his Vimeo page presenting the project. "The ultimate goal was to present a video that would show what a person could see as they made their way through and around the city in the course of a day or two."

The following video was taken in 38 locations around the city, compiling more than 21,000 images.

"Of the 38 sequences, more half were shot during the day, and close to a quarter of the scenes go so far as to show the sun moving across the city," Jensen said. "It was important for me to show this side of the city. Seattle certainly does get its share of rainy and cloudy days, but when the sun is out, it is an amazing place to be."

And here is one of his prior projects over the mountains: "Alpine Dreams":

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