The snow is gone from Stevens Pass, and it's right about on time...

    A pretty barren landscape at Stevens Pass, which officially melted out on Friday. (Photo: Stevens Pass Resort /

    It's a date not exactly met with super enthusiasm by skiers -- the day that the snow is officially declared done at Stevens Pass. But there was good news in that a year that had about a spot-on average snowpack, that the snow melted away just about right on time.

    OK, technically it was a day early.

    The snowpack was measured at under 2 inches on Friday, June 1 -- the official definition of "melt out," according to research meteorologist Mark Albright. The median date over the past 38 years has been June 2.

    Albright says the earliest meltout was during our Super Godzilla El Nino/Warm Blob year of 2015, when the snow was gone on April 28th. The latest meltout was just 7 years ago when it lasted all of June and didn't disappear until July 1, 2011.

    He adds that the meltout date has been drifting later over the past three decades, being on May 30th in the 1980s, June 1 in the 1990s, June 2 in the 2000s, and June 5 so far this decade.

    We'll next watch Paradise Ranger Station up at Mt. Rainier. Still plenty of snow up there -- 94 inches, Albright says -- if you need an early summer snow fix. Albright says the average snow meltout date in Paradise is July 9.

    As for skiers, the silver lining: We're just five or so months away from starting to put fresh snow back up there!

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