Sunday's rain by the numbers: Did the 49ers bring it with them?

The first rainy day in 3 months around Seattle (Photo from Hansville, Wash. via

SEATTLE -- It's been an entire season since the last time Western Washington has had a widespread rain event. It a momentous occasion that made for a lot of numbers of statistical interest -- and even a few that have some football interest.

3 --months since Seattle last had significant rainfall! June 17 had 0.06" of rain.

55 -- Record dry streak set during the summer, breaking the old record of 51 days.

35 - -Second dry streak also set this summer. That is nearly a Top 10 dry streak on its own!

0.02" -- the amount of rain we've had for the entire summer up to Sunday.

70 -- the number of minutes the entire summer Seattle has had of measurable rain until Sunday.

31 -- number of minutes it took on Sunday to accumulate the same 0.02" that it took 91 days to accumulate before.

0.15" -- Amount of rain Seattle had by Sunday evening.

75% -- the amount of times it's rained in the past four years when the San Francisco 49ers come to town. As my blog found in 2015 -- the worst weather seems to come to Seahawks home games when the 49ers are here. (Yes, the 49ers being in our division means we play them more often, but it's even a spike versus other NFC West teams.)

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