Summer has peaked! Seattle temperatures begin annual descent toward winter

A sunny Seattle day on Aug. 18, 2017. What will this look like three months from now? (KOMO Photo)

Time to put those tray tables and seat backs in the upright position as Seattle's temperatures are starting their descent.

August 18th marks the day when Seattle's average high temperature drops to 76 degrees, down from the 77 degree peak of the last few weeks. It begins the four month journey down until we bottom out around 45 degrees in late December.

Yes, the Northwest climate is a bit zany in that it's a quicker transition from summer to fall than it is from winter to summer. In fact, many times summer falls off a pretty steep cliff.

Already the odds of rain on any typical day has doubled to about 20 percent from about 10 percent just two weeks ago. They'll double again a month from now to roughly 40 percent by mid September and peak around 60-80 percent in mid-November -- just three months away.

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