Snow over Christmas holiday managed feat never before done in Seattle

A snowy Seattle on Christmas Day in 2017 (Photo: KOMO News)

SEATTLE -- White Christmases are rare by nature in Seattle, with only a 7 percent chance in any given year.

So when the snow fell on Christmas Day, it had already managed something done only a handful of times in the past century-plus of Seattle records. But this year's snow event pulled off something never done before with the snow on both Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day.

With 1.6 inches on Dec. 24 and another 1.0" of snowfall on Dec. 25, it was the first time in Seattle recorded history (back to 1894) the city had experienced at least 1 inch of snowfall on both dates. Other years had measurable snow on both dates (2008 and 1965) but one of the dates had under an inch.

Broken down further, the 1.0" was tied for the second-snowiest Christmas on record (how paltry is that?) tying 1965 and coming in behind 1909's 1.8 inches. It was only the ninth time since 1894 Seattle had measurable snow on Christmas (and four of those were less than half an inch.). The 1.6 inches on Christmas Eve was the third snowiest on record.

Mind you, that's just at Sea-Tac Airport and Downtown Federal Building (for data before 1945). Other neighborhoods have had more snow and/or snow more often on Christmas -- I certainly had way more snow at my house on Christmas in 2008 -- but that's the official spot. Even 2008's two-week arctic outbreak managed a record 2.4 inches on Christmas Eve, but only eked out 0.4" on Christmas Day.

So it'll be something to tell future generations about -- the snowiest Christmas/Christmas Eve ever!

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