Seattle's July weather this year: totally normal -- no, really!

A cloudy July morning on July 22, 2016. (KOMO Photo)

It turns out after three searing hot summers in Seattle, our memories have become warped.

Ask a group of Seattleites how the weather has been this month, and you'll be sure to get some responses like "when does summer start" or "Was this Julober?"

And who can blame them? John Bradshaw went and compared this July with last July, and believe it or not, this July has been a cumulative 201 degrees cooler than last year! (Numbers updated since this Tweet published on July 20th)

And sure, we had a few rainy days at the start of the month, that may or may not have resembled something more like October:

But has this July really been chilly?

Through July 21, the average temperature in Seattle is: 65.7 degrees. The normal average temperature in July? 65.7 degrees -- spot on normal!!!

Admittedly, that number has been aided a bit by warmer overnight temperatures. By average high temperature -- what you mostly notice since it's during the day -- it's 74.1 degrees through Thursday. That is about 1.7 degrees below normal -- not considered terribly cool. But it's 8.5 degrees cooler than July 2015, 6.1 degrees cooler than 2014 and 4.9 degrees cooler than 2013.

So no, July hasn't been particularly chilly, and Seattle's summer hasn't gone missing. It's quite the opposite: It's come back home.

And really, who can be disappointed? Seattle has some of the most comfortable summers on the planet. We went from June 27 through July 19 --- 22 days! -- with highs between 67 and 79 degrees; only three of those in the 60s. (Last year the longest summer stretch without hitting 80 was nine days. Most times we could only muster a 4-5 day break.) We have had five days with measurable rain counting Friday morning's showers, but that is actually what an average July would feature. (The last three summers have featured 4 rainy days in July -- total!)

I, for one, am welcoming back old Seattle summer!

Will "old" Seattle summer stick around? Or is New Summer Coming Back?

The end of July is starting to trend a bit warmer -- so even the average high temperature could end up technically warmer than normal. And then August?

Looks like "new" summer may return. Here are the updated 30- and 90-day forecasts from NOAA:

Yep, back to strong signals that August -- and even the transition into autumn -- will remain warmer than normal. (Until we get later into winter when La Nina gets here and we trend back toward cooler and wetter)

Would a warm August/September be welcomed as a return of the "new" Seattle summer? Or will it be as popular as "New" Coke?

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