Seattle's dry streak survives morning drizzle -- again!

The Space Needle hides behind some morning drizzle on July 27, 2017 (Photo: Steve McCarron, KOMO News)

SEATTLE -- Seattle's dry streak is poised to reach 40 days Thursday.

No, really!

For may folks, their neighborhood's own dry streak ended Thursday morning as a weak system with an assist from a Puget Sound Convergence Zone squeezed out just enough drizzle from the marine layer to coat the ground, especially between Downtown Seattle and the Snohomish County border:

Or in some spots, even enough for puddles! Like in Kirkland:

Rain gauges across North Seattle reported about 0.02-0.04" of rain -- a decent amount for summer time in the absence of a bonafide storm.

But where the official rain gauge is situated at Sea-Tac Airport -- just a trace of rain! It's not considered measurable rain, so the Official Seattle Dry Streak ™ continues! It's the second time during the streak Sea-Tac has managed to dodge measurable rain despite steadier rainfall in other parts of Western Washington.

The "trace" of rain did sink what could have been a Seattle first: Going an entire month without measuring rainfall of any kind. Some months have had just a trace, but never have we gone an entire month with no raindrops observed at Sea-Tac. That distinction will live on along with the dry streak.

And I, for one, am glad the dry streak continues. Because do we really want to thwart a record on some piddly marine drizzle? It's happened before.

Our current rain record of 51 days (set in 1951) could have been weeks longer had some drizzle not measured at Sea-Tac in 2012. That official dry streak is in second place at 48 days, set between July 23 and Sept. 8, but guess how much rain killed the streak? 0.01".

In fact, only a couple more days in the weeks since would get 0.01" (September total had 0.03" on three separate days of 0.01".) According to the National Weather Service in Seattle, Seattle would end up going 81 days between rainy days that measured more than 0.01" -- all the way to October 11th.

As it stands, our streak is now poised to reach 40 days which will make it the 5th longest dry streak in Sea-Tac history.

And when that rainy day comes, Jordan Riley has a preview, in case you missed it today and forgot what rain looks like:

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