Seattle's August goes down as 2nd warmest on record

Mt. Rainier on a sunny Seattle day in 2017.

SEATTLE -- In what should be a surprise to no one, August ended up rather toasty.

In fact, it ended up the second warmest in Sea-Tac History (since 1945) by average high temperature.

Every day was over 70 degrees, with . It adds up to an average high of 81.5 degrees, second behind the 83.7 scorcher of 1967. It's just the fourth time August has had an average high over 80. Seventeen days were warmer than 80 with five of them over 90.

As for the lack of rain, despite a few days where the fog "drizzled' out some puddle-worthy events in the North Sound, Sea-Tac Airport received just 0.02" of rain making it tied for the third driest on record. (2012 had just a "Trace", 1974 had 0.01").

Despite the record dry streak, it's not the driest "summer"

September 1st also marks the start of "Meteorological autumn" (despite what the forecast says). Meteorologists track seasons based on the first of December/March/June and September. So how did meteorological summer stack up?

For rainfall, it was the 8th driest, despite essentially tying July and August behind its back. The 1.52" of rain that fell in June -- almost all of it in one storm on June 15th two days before our record dry streak began -- was enough to push past seven other summers. Although just counting July and August, it was a record dry, and it's the driest two-month period of any time during the year.

And averaging up the entire meteorological summer for average high temperature, it came in at 77.3 degrees -- tying 2013 for the fifth warmest.

September seems like it'll try its best to continue the trend, with fresh 30 day forecasts suggesting the warm and dry pattern will continue:

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