Seattle reaches annual quota of rainfall -- with 4.5 months tied behind our back

Another rainy day in Seattle (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE -- Happy Reaching Our Annual Quota Of Rainfall Day!

With the storm coming in Wednesday morning, Seattle has surpassed 37.49 inches of rainfall for the calendar year -- what we would normally expect for a full year's worth of rainfall.

That in itself isn't that unusual - this will be the fourth year in a row of above normal rainfall and fifth of the past six. But this year we did it while experiencing the driest summer on record!

Amid a streak of weather that produced 55 consecutive days without measurable rain -- followed immediately by 35 more days after the streak ended -- Seattle gave up about 3 inches of expected rainfall. That means we essentially made our 12-month annual quota off only 7.5 months of rain!

If Seattle can manage to get roughly normal rainfall over these final 6 or so weeks of the year, we'll cross well over 40 inches again and rival the past three years' rain totals.

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