Seattle now has over 10,000 minutes of 80+ degree weather this year

A sunny Seattle day on Sept. 2, 2017 (Photo: Todd Stefan)

SEATTLE -- Yes, there's a statistic for everything.

At 2:59 p.m. Saturday, Seattle recorded its 10,000th minute at or above 80 degrees in 2017, as measured at the University of Washington. (It's since gone past another few hundred with several hundreds more on tap this week).

It's just the 5th time since the statistic began being tracked in 2000 that the year has crossed over 10,000.

The statistic is my own -- something I began tracking in 2011 when the summer was in reverse and cool weather was dominating the conversation. The UW records the weather each minute and by late July, Seattle had just 78 minutes of summer.

I went back and computed the data to 2000 (the earliest the minute-by-minute data is available from the University of Washington) and have been keeping track of the data every since on Twitter handle @SummerMinutes.

It's mostly just a unique way to gauge a summer, and this one has been pretty hot.

With temperatures expected well over 80 degrees through Wednesday, this tally could easily surpass 11,000 if not getting close to 12,000. Still a ways from 2015's record scorcher though.

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