Seattle gets a year's worth of rain in just 5.5 months... again

Another gray day in Seattle (Photo: Jennifer Grand)

SEATTLE -- Well, we can officially turn off the spigot now...

(That doesn't really work, does it?)

With our 9th consecutive day of rain this month, and well, all the other rain that's fallen this autumn and winter, Seattle has received more than 37.50" of rain since October 1.

Our 12-month rainfall average is 37.49 inches. So essentially we can go all the way to September 30 without another drop of rain and still be considered above normal for this "water year."

I've actually received a few emails asking if this is the earliest we've ever reached this point. The answer is no, and you all have short memories.

Last winter we reached that number even sooner, hitting 37.81" on Feb. 28. The winters of 1950-51 and 1998-99 also reached our 12-month average before the start of March, the record being Feb. 19, 1951 when we passed that total.

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But last year on March 15, we had a whopping 42.28" of rain since October 1st, including what would be the final day of a 18-day streak of days with measurable rainfall. Then again, this year's streak would be currently at 21 days if we didn't have a few days that had rain, but didn't measure the minimum 0.01" to officially count as a rainy day. And before you think that would have been a record, no that's 35 days. So take solace in the fact that it's been soooo much more non-stop rainy before.

You can also take solace in that despite the wettest start to the rainy year last year, Seattle dried up enough after that to where we only finished sixth on the chart of wettest water years on record when all was said and done on Sept. 30. And we're still currently a full 6 inches behind that pace (although I don't blame you if it feels like we'll catch up on that total in the next hour or two.)

I'm not sure why it at least seems to me the rain has been more of a story this winter than last winter. Maybe I have a short memory too, or maybe it's just it's been a bit gloomier this year than last.

It's a wet forecast through the end of the week, but drier weather looks likely toward next week. As for spring? The official spring forecast by NOAA comes out Thursday. Sun fans, cross your fingers.

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