Seattle gets super soggy status for 2017

Queen Anne Tower Camera shows Seattle on a rainy Dec. 29, 2017. (KOMO Photo)

It's hard to imagine in a year when we essentially went three months with only a few hours of drizzle, but Seattle crossed a soggy mark for 2017.

As the rain fell Friday, Seattle pushed well past 47.49 inches of measured rain for the year, meaning we are now officially 10 inches above normal rainfall for the year. Summer might have been dry, but a very soggy winter and spring was enough to counter balance, and this year's autumn ended up doing well in the rainfall department as well.

But if going 10 inches over normal sounds like a rare feat, it actually hasn't been of late. 2017 will mark the third time this decade that Seattle has been 10 or more inches above normal, and 2010 just missed being the fourth. It will also mark the fourth consecutive year with at least 44 inches of annual rain and make the wettest 4-year stretch in Seattle (Sea-Tac) history at 185.44 inches (and counting) edging out the 1995-1998 stretch that had 181.61 inches.

Seattle's new normal?

With the very wet decade, Seattle's annual average rainfall is poised to take a significant bump up when the next updated averages are calculated. NOAA uses a running 30 year average that is updated at the start of each decade. So far with 27 of the 30 years in for the upcoming 1991-2020 update, the average Seattle rainfall is running at 39.54 inches -- more than a 2 inch boost! We'll see how the next three years shape up!

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