Saturday was the wettest April weekend day on record in Seattle

A rainy, gloomy Seattle Saturday in April (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE -- Rain on a weekend is no surprise in Seattle, but in April, a weekend day has never been so washed out.

The 1.70 inches that fell in Seattle on Saturday was not only the fifth-wettest April day on record (including Sea-Tac Airport and the Downtown Federal Building, going back to 1894) but it was the wettest weekend day in April.

The soaking rains from an atmospheric river leaves this month as fourth-wettest all-time at 4.68 inches through Sunday, just passing 1993's 4.54", with more rain falling on Monday (up to 5.17" by mid-afternoon.)

The record wettest April is 6.53 inches set in 1991, with 5.89" in 2013 and 5.37" in 1996 all that stands in front of us.

But it's not just Saturday's deluge that has people wondering if spring is broken. Monday marks the 12th day with measurable rain in Seattle in April out of 16 days. That's an impressive ratio, but actually shouldn't seem all that unusual. Just last year, we had rain on 23 of 30 days in April and the record is 25.


For those who are ready to just throw in the towel, don't! For one, it's probably sopping wet and you don't want it to get moldy. Second, there are some rays of sunshine in the long range forecast! Once we get into later this week, we're looking like we might actually stretch together a few dry days!

I'm one of the many Seattleites who loves the rain, but even I get that many others who aren't could use a break. And it'd be nice if my daughter's softball fields could dry out instead of looking like the next puddle condo development under way for our burgeoning duck population. Usually we want to pile up as much rain/snow as we can but as UW Professor Cliff Mass states in his latest blog on the rain: "Washington has enough. More than enough. Our snowpack is above normal. Our reservoirs are full. Our rivers are running high. Our soil moisture is high."

So it's guilt-free sunshine at this point -- our rainfall bank ledgers look healthy. And rain fans, there are still a few rainy days in the long range forecast, just not as stormy as this past week. It's probably not be enough to crown this April the wettest or rainiest on record, but I

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