Record dry summer thwarts Seattle record that was thought to be a shoo in

View of Seattle from KOMO's South Lane Union camera.

All Seattle had to do was have some semblance of a normal summer in the rainfall department and we'd have a shiny new record to boast this past weekend.

Instead, we not only came up short, but fell out of the Top 3.

Seattle ended their "water year" annual rainfall -- measured from October 1 through Sept. 30, at 49.41 inches. The record was 51.82 inches set in 1997. Seattle would have EASILY made that mark had this not been the driest summer on record and was well ahead of the record pace until our rainfall flat-lined in late June:

Seattle was at 48.84" on June 30 with three months left. Instead, this year ended up in 5th place.

The "water year" is measured from the start of the official rainy season in Seattle (October 1) as an additional weather statistic to better capture the entire typically-rainy fall and winter into one tally instead of resetting it in the middle in January.

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