Really? Seattle has out-snowed Minneapolis this year (for now)

Feb. 24 Update: Turns out the expected heavy snows in Minnesota this week missed Minneapolis. Seattle is maintaining its yearly lead!

Seattle isn't exactly known as a snowy spot in the winter -- as anyone who has attempted to drive on the rare occasions it does snow can attest.

But since the calendar flipped to 2017, Seattle can surprisingly hold its own against some of nation's winter stalwarts for snowfall -- at least, through the middle of this week.

Believe it or not, for the month of February through the 21st, Seattle has had more snow than Minneapolis, Chicago, Green Bay, Denver and others:

Now, the Midwest has had a bad few weeks with unseasonably-to-record high temperatures this month -- for example, Minneapolis has been in the mid 50s to low 60s the past few days. That's certainly not going to get a lot of snow. And they've had some Minnesota-worthy cold snaps, just without the moisture. But even going back to January 1, Seattle is still ahead of some of the big kahunas, including Minneapolis and Chicago -- which surprisingly has had hardly any snow all year!

(I stuck Boston in there to show New England has not missed out on their snow parties)

Also of note, Seattle is ahead of Portland at least in the battle of airport snows since the start of 2017. Some Portland and Seattle suburbs have had considerably more but I'd think overall as a region, Portland is probably still ahead of Seattle this winter as far as wintry precipitation impacts are concerned (remember, they've had a lot of freezing rain issues that don't show up in the snowfall column). Although if you go back and add in December too, Portland is barely ahead of Seattle at 11.2" to 11.1" in the snowfall tally.

Big snows to return to the Midwest

Alas, if you want to share this little tidbit around with your friends across the nation, do it fast. A big winter storm is bearing down on the upper Midwest with 6-12" of new snow expected in Minneapolis by the end of the week. So the universe will likely be back in balance soon enough, but we'll hold on to our snow crown as long as we can!

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