Photos: Icy temps create perfect opportunity for freezing bubbles

Bubbles freeze on a cold morning in Arlington, Wash. on Feb. 19, 2018 (Photo: Angela Kelly, Kelly Images and Photography)

When arctic air invades from Canada and you awake to a freezing morning draped in snow, many might just grab a cup of hot chocolate and find a place to stay warm.

Photographer Angela Kelly instead decides to blow bubbles! Then take pictures of what happens next.

Kelly of Kelly Images and Photography in Arlington headed out with her camera as temperatures hovered in the low 20s Monday morning to see what kind of beauty nature could create.

Using a homemade solution from a recipe that she found on the Internet that combines dish soap, karo syrup and water, the bubbles give Jack Frost several individual easels for him to paint his magic.

Here is a video she shot during last winter's cold snap showing how the bubbles freeze:

With temperatures set to be even colder Monday night into the teens, many of you could try this at home -- if you've got a knack for photography and a way to stay warm.

"I can't feel my toes...," she wrote on her Facebook page as she posted her creations from Monday morning.

You can see more of her amazing natural photography -- frozen bubbles, melted frost and others, on her Facebook page.

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