Never-ending gloom? Seattle has had just 3 sunny, mild days since the start of October

    Another gloomy Seattle day on March 9, 2017. (KOMO Photo)

    SEATTLE -- We get the sense people are starting to notice the lack of sun lately. While the fall and winter season is typically dominated by clouds in Seattle, it seems we've managed to "out-cloudy" ourselves this year.

    The data seems to back it up -- the last time Seattle had an official sunny day (as in 30 percent or less cloud cover observed) was on Feb. 13 - nearly a month ago! It was sunny and 57 that day, in case it's already faded into your memory banks.

    In fact, since the start of October, Seattle has had just nine official sunny days, below the average of 15 we have in a typical year during that time period.

    But before you think Seattleites at least have had more than a week's worth of winter break, six of those sunny days (4 in January; 2 in December) were accompanied by morning temperatures in the 20s and highs in the 30s (except Jan. 12 managed to eke to 40) so it's not like the sun actually helped for a warm day.

    So our three sunny and mild days since the start of October? October 11th (62 degrees), November 8th (70 degrees) and the aforementioned Feb. 13. That's a whopping total of 30 hours and 51 minutes of daylight sunshine in Seattle on days that could be considered relatively warm. And it pales in comparison to last fall and winter, which at least had 14 sunny days over 40, and 2014-15's epic season of 21 sunny and mild days with two other sunny days that failed to count for being colder than 40.

    Now, luckily not every other day this year has been overcast. Seattle has managed 42 days considered "partly sunny" in those five-plus months, ranging from 40-70 percent cloud cover. I guess for Seattle we should maybe count sunbreaks as a sunny day? But even those days could be considered somewhat rare. So much so that some locals may have even forgotten what to call it!

    But at least Seattleites who miss the sun can take a little bit of solace that it could be worse. Portland has had only seven official sunny days, and just 29 considered "partly sunny."

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