Mother Nature confused? The "other" Washington gets week of Seattle-esque rains

A tarp covers the infield at Nationals Park in Washington after it was announced that the baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Washington Nationals had been postponed due to inclement weather, Friday, May 18, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Mother Nature apparently confused Washington, D.C. for Washington State late week, bringing the nation's capital a record-setting week-plus of rain that would rival the dreariest of weeks Seattle can cook up in the fall and winter.

Washington, D.C. managed eight consecutive days with measurable rain between May 12th and 19th, with seven of those getting a soaking 0.40" of rain...or more! It was particularly wet between the 16th and 19th when they had four days of 0.75" or more.

All told, the city managed 6.31" of rain over that 8 days. It set a record for wettest mid-May week on record, according to Jason Samenow with the Washington Post, also breaking a record for most consecutive days with at least 0.25" of rain or more.

How does that compare to an typical Seattle rain streak in the fall or winter?

A streak of eight days with consecutive rainfall is nothing new to us, with six streaks of that long or longer this past rainy season. Since Nov. 1, Seattle had separate consecutive rainy day streaks of 9, 8, 8, 10, 8, and a whopping 15 from January 15-29. But even that 15 day streak "only" netted 5.24 inches of rain.

So while *our* Washington doesn’t really bat an eye at a week-plus of rain, the D.C. version did out soak us by total rainfall. And they go the bonus of doing it in May when those kind of rainy streaks are very rare around here. In fact, this May is still shaping up to be among the driest on record. Washington, D.C. got more rain on the first day of their streak (0.15") than Seattle has seen this entire month so far (0.12"). And their streaks don't always come with the cool, cloudy conditions that ours do. One day of the streak hit 90, another hit 89.

Washington D.C.'s rainy streak ended Sunday with an 89 degree day.

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