Milky Way Galaxy shines bright from Washington's Palouse

Milky Way behind a windmill in the Palouse (Photo: Meg McDonald / Wild Northwest Beauty Photography)

It's been a bit cloudy on this side of the Cascades, but not so on the eastern side!

Local photographer Meg McDonald headed east in search of clear skies to get some photos of the Milky Way Galaxy core and the results were stunning. These photos were from near a barn in the Palouse

"Watching the brilliant core of the Milky Way rise and gleam across the night sky is one of the most profound experiences we can have, yet most of us can scarcely see the stars due to urban light," McDonald said. "Even tiny towns like Colfax cast a bright glow that nearly washes out the stars. But in the vast silence of the rolling Palouse farmland, on each clear dark night we can see the miracle of the night sky, although there are still bits of glow from distant towns."

One night it wasn't just the Milky Way, but the aurora also made a brief appearance:

It's the second spring she's gone to the Palouse to find the Milky Way. She was there last spring too and she's shared some of her photos from that trek in the gallery above as well.

Great shots, Meg!

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