Massive storms in Argentina buries cars feet deep in hail

Storm buries cars in feet of hail in the Argentina town of La Cruz on Oct. 26, 2017 (Photo: Argentina's National Meteorological Service)

There's hail storms, then there's what fell in Argentina last week...

Two separate hail storms brought quite the sight in the region -- one storm on Oct. 25 bringing hail stones around 3.5 inches in diameter to the town of Formosa; a second hail storm the next day burying cars in the town of La Cruz.

The Formosa storm caused damage to cars, roofs and trees and one person was injured, according to Argentina's National Meteorological Service

It's the second storm that steals the show as far as eye-popping photographs go.

Photos from Argentina's National Meteorological Service show cars buried up to their wheel wells on one highway.

Some spots were reported to have hail as deep as 4.5 feet. The hail reportedly fell in just 15 minutes!

The Washington Post's Jason Samenow with the Capital Weather Gang did an excellent analysis of what caused such extreme hail in the region.

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