Lightning doesn't strike the same place twice? The Space Needle begs to differ

There's a long time saying about "lightning never strikes the same place twice."

The Space Needle offered definitive proof Monday that the saying… is false.

A Space Needle staff member was out filming the landmark during Monday's thundersnow and caught a lightning strike:

But then moments later, the Needle was hit AGAIN:

As one of the taller buildings in Seattle, it attracts its share of lightning during the few thunderstorms Seattle gets in a year. The Needle has 24 lightning rods plus the tower itself to channel lightning's energy into the ground and away from anything important. And in neither of the two bolts was anything apparently damaged.

The staffers weren't the only ones catching lightning on the Lightning on the Needle:

And even seen from our own KOMO Plaza!

So a pretty electrying day for the Needle, but child's play for some of our nation's other landmarks in more thunderstorm-prone areas. The Empire State Building in New York is said to be struck 100 times a year!

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