Is it going to rain today? Just check your toothpaste

Photo courtesy: Flickr user mauren veras. (Creative Commons 2.0 license)

First, it was the "weather rock" that was the class of weather-related gifts. You know: "If it's wet, it's raining, if it's moving, it's windy".

Then came personal weather stations, allowing you to become your own observing station. Too far to go to the computer screen? There is also the prototype "Window Phone" -- no, not Microsoft Windows, but a literal window as your phone screen that even fakes raindrops on it when it's raining.

I thought the nadir of personal weather items was when Ambient came up with an umbrella that actually tells you when it's about to rain (or, at least, when you should take it along that day.)

But no! The umbrella, has been topped -- at least in a lab -- for craziest weather gift.

The folks at MIT Media Lab have decided to create the perfect item for when you really need to know the weather, but don't have time to check the iPhone or look outside, yet still want to make sure you practice good oral hygeine.

Yes, it's toothpaste that tells you the weather. According to CNET, the toothpaste dispenser would send out one of three types of toothpastes depending on the weather -- one for colder, one for warmer and a third for a chance of rain.

How does it know? CNET says, "The prototype is currently hooked up to a small Linux computer that pulls forecasts, using custom software to compare previous and current temperatures and divvy up the flavors."

Now, if they can just print out my daily blog on the toothbrush, I think we'd all be set! :)

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