Dramatic weather videos spotted on social media

    Dramatic footage of a tornado tearing off a roof and parts of buildings in Midlothian, VA Monday afternoon. (Video: John Guth/Facebook via CNN NewsSource)

    My social media feeds have shown some rather dramatic weather videos this past week, and with the local weather pattern pretty tranquil, I figured I'd use the blog to share a few.

    Perhaps the most dramatic was this Virginia tornado, where a man dangerously took video as it ripped through buildings in Midlothian.

    Perhaps more stunning was this "firenado" that was spotted at a British Columbia fire. ABC News reports the funnel sucked the fire hose 100 feet into the air before melting it:

    Only perhaps slightly less dramatic: Watch as storm clouds darken the skies over Manhattan as the remnants of Hurricane Florence passed over the Northeast. All that's missing is the Bat signal.

    The man in the first video may have survived filming a tornado up close and personal, but over in Rhode Island -- a man found out the dangers of filming a thunderstorm when he got struck by lightning:

    Something else involving electrically charged particles, but not as dangerous?

    A bit calmer and closer to home, check out the fog Tuesday morning in the mountains around Stevens Pass!

    Enjoy the rest of the week!

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