How windy was it during Monday's storm?

The M/V Salish navigates through rough waters at the KeyStone ferry fock on Nov. 13, 2017 (KOMO Photo)

The strongest wind storm so far this year toppled several trees and knocked out power to nearly 200,000 people. The peak lowland gust was a marine report at Kelp Reef in the Haro Strait at 88 mph. Several other marine/buoy/lighthouse gauges measured wind speeds over 60 mph -- even along the shores of Seattle.

Here's a list of official gusts of 50+ mph:

(See full list of all cities through this National Weather Service Chart. You might need to use the zoom function on your browser)

Some unofficial gusts were even higher. A private weather station on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill clocked a gust of 68 mph, while a gauge atop West Seattle measured a gust of 61 mph. Two storm chasers who took a Tesla equipped with an anemometer out to the coast measured a peak gust at Ocean Shores of 64 mph.

And speaking of marine measurements, the Edmonds-Kingston ferry measured a gust of 61 mph! Similar gusts of 50-60 mph were experienced on Whidbey Island which made for this eye-opening scene as the Captain of the Washington State Ferry Salish expertly steered the ship through the rough waters and strong winds to get out of port.

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