How many trillions of snowflakes have fallen in your lifetime? We have a good guess...

Zoomed in photo of a snowflake (Photo by Angela Kelly // Kelly Images and Photography)

Have you ever looked out the window and wondered, just how many raindrops or snowflakes have fallen on the planet during your lifetime?

The internet can now (roughly) answer the question, thanks to the British financial company GoCompare.

"By using a number of university, medical and environmental sources we have created a series of calculations to help put our existence into perspective," says a company spokesperson. "Considering the Earth is over 4.5 billion years old, we set out to create a piece that shows how both we and the planet have changed in the time that we've been alive."

You can use their handy calculator here. Just enter your birthdate and see the calculation (Note: It's designed on the European date standard so be sure to do day first, then month... i.e. January 16th, 2018 = 16/01/2018)

The site also calculates such interesting facts as estimated number of lifetime heartbeats, or waves crashing into the ocean.

If you just want to skip ahead, about 751 billion trillion (or, a "sextillion") raindrops have fallen during a 30-year-old's lifetime -- enough to fill the Baltic Sea 151 times over. If you watch the counter, it's about 750 trillion raindrops PER SECOND on the planet. It also estimates about 175 trillion snowflakes fall each second on the planet, of which about zero appear to want to fall in Seattle this January :/

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