SNOMG?!? Winter now near Top 10 snowiest in Sea-Tac history

    Snow falls in Seattle's Maple Leaf neighborhood (KOMO Photo)

    Scott's Note: This story has been corrected to note that it's the 11th snowiest winter on record at Sea-Tac, not 10th. A NOAA database showing snowiest winters did not correctly calculate the 2008-09 season at 23.3 inches.

    SEATTLE -- Spring is only a couple weeks away -- at least we think so. But in the meantime, another round of light snow pushed into the Western Washington region Thursday, turning what was an impressive winter snow season into nearly a Top 10 snow season.

    Sea-Tac Airport registered 0.8 inches of snow through mid Thursday morning, giving us 21.0 inches for the full winter season. That's the 11th most snow in a winter at Sea-Tac Airport (since 1945) and the snowiest winter in Seattle since 2008-09. (Though snowfall records were not kept during the winter of 1996-97 that had a major snow storm in the city.)

    Top 11 snowiest winters at Sea-Tac Airport:

    1) 67.5" (1968-69)
    2) 63.6" (1949-50)
    3) 29.2" (1971-72)
    4) 27.4" (1950-51)
    5) 24.2" (1955-56)
    6) 23.3" (1953-54)
    6) 23.3" (2008-09)
    8) 22.9" (1965-66)
    9) 21.7" (1948-49)
    9) 21.7" (1946-47)
    11) 21.0" (2018-19)

    If you factor in the Downtown Federal Building records that go back to 1894, there were 4 additional snowier winters on the chart. (60.9" in 1915-16, 37.0" in 1898-99, 31.2" in 1896-97 and 30.3" in 1922-23)

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    There is still a chance of light snow in the forecast Thursday night and Friday that could allow this winter to nudge up the chart a little more before all is said and done. But long range forecasts show the elusive 50 degree mark lurking in next week's forecasts that should put a "final tally" next to this winter's totals by then.

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