Frozen Cougars: Pullman shatters record for coldest March temperature on record

    Washington State University's Pullman campus in the snow. (Photo: WSU Pullman)

    PULLMAN, Wash. -- It's always tough to get up on a Monday and head to school, but this Monday, students at WSU had an extra excuse to perhaps stay warm in their comfy beds.

    The town of Pullman just shattered their all-time record for coldest March day Monday morning when the temperature dropped to a bone-chilling -9 degrees. That shattered the record of -5 set... Sunday morning.

    Before the current 48 hour icy blast, the coldest March day was -4 set in both on March 4, 1955 and March 5, 1945.

    It's part of a blast of arctic air that has entrenched Eastern Washington. Temperatures were near zero to single positive digits across much of the rest of the region with Spokane readings ranging from +4-6 degrees while Ellensburg dropped to 0, and Moses Lake hit -1, and Wenatchee was down to 4 degrees.

    Heading east found even more incredible lows for March, with Powell, Idaho coming in at -9, and -35 in Bozeman, Montana.

    Temperatures are expected to moderate in Eastern Washington as we head into the work week with lows in the upper single digits to teens on Monday night, "warming" into the teens and 20s for Tuesday night through the rest of the week.

    Long range climate forecasts suggest continued cooler than normal conditions through the next 10 days across the West.

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