Forecasted low of -11 prompts police in Illinois town to cancel all criminal activity

    Steam rises from Lake Michigan on Friday morning, Jan. 25, 2019, in Milwaukee. An arctic wave has wrapped parts of the Midwest in numbing cold, sending temperatures plunging and prompting officials to close dozens of schools Friday, but forecasters say the worst may be yet to come. (AP Photo/Carrie Antlfinger)

    MOLINE, Ill. -- Sorry to anyone in Moline, Illinois who was thinking about bending - or flat out breaking the law this week.

    All criminal activities have been canceled due to an intense arctic blast. At least that's the hope of the officers with the Moline Police Department.

    "Due to the extreme cold and wind, the Moline Police Department is cancelling all misdemeanor and felony criminal activities," the department posted on their Facebook page, along with a screen shot of a weather app predicting temperatures below zero overnight with a low of -11. Wind chills were expected to make it feel even a little bit colder. Even a 10 mph wind will make -10 feel like -28.

    GFS Weather Model Map showing extreme cold in the upper Midwest Friday morning. Blue shades indicate temperatures below zero (Image: WeatherBell Inc)

    Police officers are devotedly dedicated to their jobs and you know they could come to the rescue in thick and thin. But maybe for the next few days, criminals could give them a break and let them have a few paperwork shifts in their nice cozy warm offices?

    "Criminals, please take note, it is too cold to commit crimes. Stay inside and read, watch Netflix, call Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities on other criminals, anything," the officers pleaded. "But for the love of polar bears, do not go outside and commit crimes."

    Besides if you DO ignore this advice and end up getting chased by those dedicated officers and end up hiding in a marsh or trees, frostbite begins to set in at 30 minutes or less in those temperatures. You don't want to go to prison with the added issues of missing a few toes or fingers.

    The good news is the police dogs will probably find you first, but they won't be happy having to work in -11 either. The only thing more tough than a police dog is an angry police dog.

    This arctic blast is expected to hang around and even get colder for the middle of next week with lows dropping to -15 to -17. Perhaps enough time for criminals to contemplate the warm benefits of always abiding by the law.

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