Eww. Freak dust devil sends porta potties flying at Colorado park

    COMMERCE CITY, Colo. -- The puns for an opening line are obvious and numerous, but may not be exactly PG, so I'll leave those to the reader.

    A freak wind event -- mostly likely a strong dust devil -- wreaked (reeked? -- sorry!) havoc on a park in Commerce City, Colorado recently, crashing tents, sending parents and kids for cover...and tossing two porta-potties into the sky with...not so great results.

    Garbiel Flores posted the video to his Facebook page above on Sunday afternoon, but no details were provided on the exact time and date of the event, or if anyone was injured.

    Dust devils are typically harmless swirls you see in the countrysides on warm days, caused when you have hot air suddenly rising from warm ground. As this air rises, it can sometimes create a little vortex of swirling air.

    But rarely they can pack a powerful punch. We had once such incident last month when a likely dust devil caused damage to the Lake Sammamish shoreline, damaging picnic tables and shelters, and sending inflatable rafts flying several feet high.

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