Cool weather fans rejoice: Peak of summer has passed

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    Scott's Note: If you're a fan of the sunny and hot weather we've had this summer, you might want to avert your eyes off this story...

    SEATTLE -- For those who think a record 29 days of 85+ degree weather has been a bit much, there is good news: We're now past the peak of summer, and starting our gradual descent into winter.

    I know as a cooler weather fan, I circle August 17th on the calendar -- that's the day that Seattle's official "normal" high temperature drops from its summer time peak of 77 to 76 degrees.

    Technically, the drop began on Aug. 3 if you want to really split hairs, when the average went from 77.4 degrees to 77.3. But now that it's dropped to 76.4, it starts appearing as a drop on the climate charts, which round to the whole number.

    A degree doesn't sound like much of a drop off the average temperature, and it isn't. In fact, it'll be well into the 80s again early next week.

    But on Aug. 25, the normal high will be down to 75 degrees, then 74 on Aug. 31... then begin its more rapid descent as we get closer to the autumnal equinox: 71 by Sept. 15, 66 by Sept. 30, 54 by Halloween, and then comes winter with our average highs in the 40s. Summer fans can look forward New Year's day when the average high ticks back up from 45 to 46 degrees, and the slow climb begins anew toward summer of 2019.

    When does the rain return?

    We've already put some distance from the driest time of the year which is right around the first of August. Already odds of rain on any given mid-August date have improved to 15-20 percent -- up from about 7-10 percent a few weeks ago. By September first we'll be up to about 25 percent odds; 35-40 percent by the end of the month, then rain chances rapidly increase as we go through October to where November is the wettest month of the year. As the transition from spring to summer is slow and steady in Seattle, the transition from summer to fall is quite quick!

    And I, for one, am counting the days!

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