Congratulations Seattle! You've made it through the wettest winter on record


It wasn't a question of "if" but "when" Seattle would set its all-time record for wettest December through February ("meteorological winter"). The answer was: Thursday night.

Seattle reached 22.78" of rain since December 1 just before 10 p.m., breaking the all time record of 22.77" set in the winter of 1998-99. Then it rained a bunch more Friday morning to put the current standing at 22.95" as of 10 a.m. And with more than week left in the month, plus the bonus Leap Day, and more rain in the forecast, it'll be interesting to see just how far we blow the record out of the water (no pun intended.) The average Dec-Feb rainfall is 14.42 inches. Last winter was (a very warm and not very snowy) 13.72 inches.

The National Weather Service has also compiled some other handy rainfall standings for different time frames, including the "Water Year", and "winter season from the Northwest".

The former is measured from October 1 through September 30 as a way to better gauge a rainy season so the number doesn't reset in the middle on Jan. 1. The November start date is in reference to the fact that things really get rainy here at the start of November. There's probably also a "Thanksgiving to Christmas" stat out there too, but you get the idea...

We're in second place for rainiest start to the water year -- with Friday morning's 0.17" of rain through 10 a.m. that chart should now read 36.13 inches with more rain falling. Seattle's average entire water year is 37.49" -- as in including all the way into September.

If even your webbed feet are suffering in the slosh, as I mentioned in Thursday's blog: Long range forecasts are still trending toward a drier spring.

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