Clouds + terrain = cool time lapse videos

Lenticular clouds dance over Mt. Rainier on Oct. 14, 2017 (Photo: Luke Meyers)

The dance that sometimes occurs between clouds and our local terrain can make for some beautiful sights around here.

First up, a gorgeous lenticular cloud display on Mt. Rainier. This was filmed by Luke Meyers on Oct. 14 just we had went through a few thunderstormy days around the region:

The clouds are caused as moist air moves over the mountain's summit, which provides juuuuust enough lift to cool the air and trigger cloud formations. This can happen at several vertical levels, giving the clouds stacked-pancake-like features.

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Along the same lines, we had Whidbey Island give an assist to cloud development on Wednesday. Watch via the cameras as the low level clouds blowing from east to west ballooned their larger cloud development as the air rose up the eastern side of the island. Even though Whidbey Island's windward side in this case isn't all that tall (about 150 feet atop the bluffs), it was enough to create a bit more clouds:

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