Blocked sun knocks 5 degrees off Seattle's temperature

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Well, that was fun!

The first nearly solar eclipse in Washington since 1979 put on quite the show - and notched some interesting weather events as well.

As the sun was mostly obscured, the temperature dropped 4 degrees at the University of Washington -- and 5 degrees at Sea-Tac Airport.

The light breezes also dropped to a near calm as psuedo-darkness fell.

The drop in temperatures was about exactly on par with what computer models had calculated. NOAA too the opportunity of the eclipse to try to create a weather forecast model that could predict the changes in the weather when the sun's heating was temporarily removed.

The model predicted about a 4-6 degree drop in Western Washington:

Strangely enough, the model over-predicted the cooling in Western Oregon -- where it was about a 3-4 degree drop but the model predicted as much as 8-10 degrees.

Aside from watching the thermometer and the skies, watching the satellite imagery was also pretty cool. Watch as the moon's shadow was seen from space:


GOES 16 animation of the eclipse shadow moving across the United States:— Scott Sistek (@ScottSKOMO) August 21, 2017

Finally, some people earned big points for creativity on the eclipse!

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