Beauty of Northwest's melting frost captured in photos

©Angela Kelly, Kelly Images Photography

I'm sure quite a few people around here note the winter chill with something along the lines of "ugh" but Angela Kelly now views the days as an opportunity.

She has recently become quite adept at finding amazing beauty the melting morning frost leaves behind in nature.

Fresh off her November gallery of finding raindrops on spider webs she's expanded a bit to include plants and flora.

She says each of the photos were taken in her Arlington yard, "while practically prone on my stomach in the melting frost and just barely above freezing temperatures."

The moss ones were taken on a stump where her prized spiderwebs reside. The grassy drops were taken in her front yard.

"Each water drop captured has its own story and reflects an image unique to its perspective, which is what I try to illustrate in my work," Kelly said. "While they all hold roughly the same shape, depending on where one sits, stands or peers over at, the image is different in each one."

She told me she's always had a fascination and love for water.

"But in the past it was only directed towards the larger bodies of water familiar to many here as Puget Sound, or Lake Washington," she said.

She adds it wasn't until recently that she discovered the true gems of waterdrops and began studying them closely.

"I love being able to show others something that they have perhaps taken for granted and walked by too quickly to notice before. I hope that in sharing my work, it will help others to change their perspective and take the time to enjoy and savor the beauty in even the most unfamiliar or surprising ways possible."

You can find more photos of her amazing work on her Facebook page and on Flickr.

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