Astronauts stare down into eye of massive Hurricane Florence

Views of Hurricane Florence as seen from the International Space Station (Photo: Alexander Gerst / NASA)

As those in South and North Carolina race to prepare for Hurricane Florence's onslaught, those in space can only watch the massive storm approach from above.

Astronauts on board the International Space Station have been taking a number of photos and videos of the swirling monster.

Here is "a stark and sobering" video from their HD camera on the outside of the ISS, taken Wednesday morning:

Meanwhile, Alexander Gerst says the storm is so massive, they need their wide-angle lenses to capture the entire storm! Their zoom lenses do provide a intricate look at the eerie eye wall structure where inside, winds are relatively calm and the sun is shining moments after being blasted by 130 mph wind.

Forecasters are still warning of potentially catastrophic winds, storm surge and inland flooding that could rank among the wettest storms to strike the Carolinas in centuries.

"Get prepared on the East Coast, this is a no-kidding nightmare coming for you," Gerst wrote.

Updates to the storm and preparations are being posted here.

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